Semper Idem Factions

There are numerous factions found throughout the known world, from the greatest kingdoms to the smallest guilds and tribes. This list will be organized as per a nation's location within a continent, and then a lesser faction as per their location within a particular nation. (Keep in mind that at the present moment this wiki may be somewhat or fully incomplete.)

Britannia Inferior

Kingdom of Alba
Earldom of Norðrey
Kingdom of Pictland
Earldom of the Jutes

House Jryvaj

Britannia Superior

Kingdom of Anglia
Northumbrian Svealaw
Kingdom of Dumnonia
Kingdom of the Durotriges
Northumbrian Danelaw
Britannic Roman Enclave


Duchy of Powys-Morgannwg
Kingdom of Ceredigion
Kingdom of Ystrad
Kingdom of Gwynedd
Kingdom of Dyfed

Western Europe

Kingdom of Galicia
Kingdom of the Lugdunensii
Gallic Imperium of Belgica
Kingdom of Burgundy
Kingdom of the Rugii
Kingdom of the Raetii
Kingdom of the Basques
Kingdom of Vorgium
Kingdom of the Aquitanians
Frankish Realm
Alammans Kingdom
Kingdom of Turinges
Kingdom of Tolosanum
Kingdom of the Redones
Kingdom of Swabia
Frisian Kingdom
Thuringian Kingdom
Tonvun Realm

Northern Europe

Roman Empire of Cimbri

Latin Stonemasons' Guild

Gens Curtia

Gens Septia

Kingdom of Danmörk
Kingdom of Kvenland
Beormas Tribes
Republic of the Spartaci


Obodrite Confederacy
Kingdom of Cimbri
Kingdom of Noregi
Saami Tribes

Herugotland Peninsula

Kingdom of Svealand
Kingdom of Doresland
Kingdom of Roriksland

House Rorik

Italic Peninsula

Venetian Knighthood
Kingdom of the Lombards
Second Kingdom of Rome
Kingdom of Campania
Second Ostrogothic Kingdom
Second Kingdom of Umbria
Samnite Kingdom
State of Lucania
Duchy of the Claudia

Gens Claudia

Italic Kingdom
State of Beneventum
Sovereignty of Tarentum

Eastern Europe

Kingdom of Moravia
Herules Realm
Polish Kingdom
Bulgar Empire
Republic of Ragusa
Kingdom of Lutician
Duchy of Prussia
Kingdom of Byzantium
Avar Khaganate
Realm of the Iazyges
Principality of the Rus'
Pecheneg Khaganate