About NHD

Nuclear Hair Dryer is a multi-media co-operative startup run by Corripio. Though our main focus is on gamedev/modding and software development, Nuclear Hair Dryer will also be hosting artwork, webcomics and internet shows of varying kinds presented by the creators working with the co-op.

Our Philosophy

Ultimately, the philosophy and goal of Nuclear Hair Dryer is to maintain a sound and structural trustworthy organization that can produce high-quality entertainment software and related media making exclusive use of the GNU General Public License for our software, and the Creative Commons ShareAlike 4.0 License for non-software related products, as well as remaining a vocal advocate and supporter of these and other copyleft licenses.

We hope that, alongside this, all software to be produced by NHD will remain stable, optimised, entirely finished and ideally with as little bugs as possible. The commitment we make to the idea of free-as-in-freedom software with easily modifiable source code is not to be ever used as a crutch for our community to fix the bugs that we are unable, whether through laziness, an oversight, or sheer inability, to fix ourselves. We also hope that players find our software to be enriching and pleasurable gaming experiences.

Hopefully, through our philosophy, we will be able to build a good reputation amongst the wider gaming community. We would like to be, in the long term, recognized as a reliable and viable organization, not just in the production of quality games and mods but also in securing the trust of everybody invested in our little organization, from followers to even casual onlookers. For us, keeping our promises and releasing by our set deadlines is to remain a golden rule.